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Community Service

CASP is a non-profit organization which works in a collaborative effort with the court systems in Missouri and throughout the United States to offer alternative sentencing programs to judges and prosecutors.

When a person is assigned Community Service by a judiciary, CASP will work with them to help find placement which meets their needs for probation as well as family, work, school and faith responsibilities.

Although CASP does charge a fee for its services, those who have a financial hardship and cannot pay the fee can work with CASP staff to get their community service completed by working out a fee payment plan or applying for a fee reduction by completing the appropriate paperwork.

As a client of CASP, workers are not allowed to pick which non-profit agencies that they work for, but they are allowed to work the schedule that fits their situation and time available.

Once a client is assigned to CASP, they must follow this procedure:

  1. Register for the program and provide identification which includes their picture (within 5 days of judgment).
  2. Pay their fee which is based upon the program to which they were assigned and number of hours to be served (within 60 days of judgement). At the time of registration, you can choose to pay $15.00 to cover the costs of your criminal record check. All CASP workers must have a criminal record check on file in order to begin their work. This $15.00 cost is included in the fee for community service and is not an additional fee.
  3. Schedule and work their hours.
  4. Turn in their time card.

When the client is scheduled to work at an approved agency an “agency timesheet” is faxed to that agency indicating the date and number of hours to be worked by the client.  They then return that form to CASP once the client has completed their hours.  This timesheet is used to verify hours worked.  Non-profit agencies are trained on paperwork completion as well as the procedures for supervision.  When the client has completed all of their hours, a form letter is sent to the court indicating that they have successfully completed the program.  Likewise, if the client does not complete, a letter of failure is sent to the court and a CASP representative will appear in court to verify the failure.

CASP not only operates in Greene County, but also other counties who assign community service work.  In addition, through a comprehensive network of other community service organizations and non-profit agencies, CASP is able to schedule anyone throughout the United States.  Workers have been scheduled through CASP in Hawaii, Australia and New Mexico.

CASP is a non-profit organization, which assist you in complying with conditions of probation for community service, set fourth by the court. The work assignments that CASP offers provide a positive alternative to jail and allow you to make a contribution to the community. CASP will place you in a work assignment with a non-profit or governmental agency, and establish a specific work schedule for you to follow to complete the hours assigned by the court. CASP will monitor your work and report to the court your success or failure to complete the program. When creating a schedule, CASP will attempt to make the schedule as convenient as possible. If you work, CASP will try to arrange the work assignments so they do not interrupt your regular work schedule, if possible